About Local Leader Marketing

Just like many small businesses Local Leader Marketing began about 2 years ago when I decided that my daily full time job just wasn’t providing the lifestyle that my wife and I wanted to live. I did my research on alternative ways to make additional income and came across SEO and Lead Generation expert training’s. Being of the younger generation I have found that my knowledge of computers along with the web has become a huge asset to other small business owners who offer services. I am happy to say that my initial investment has been paid off and thanks to the success that has followed my business continues to grow at a strong pace. What started out as a one-man show is growing into a family business.

Being that we primarily work with small business owners in local markets we like to keep our focus on just that by providing 1 on 1 services. That is right we are not a big marketing firm with multiple employees we are a small family owned business just like many of our clients. We all started with a dream of owning our own business and through our successes of helping other small businesses grow, we are happy with the impact our company has made.

Local Leader Marketing thrives to do just what we label ourselves as. We want our clients business’s ranking in the #1 spots on the web within their local markets.